How to Install Windows betfair From ISO File / USB Drive

Want to 从ISO安装Windows betfair file or USB drive?


在上一篇文章中,我已经谈到了 从USB闪存驱动器安装Windows 7.

And now I am here with this windows betfair installation guide.

I know I am pretty late to publish this post as most of the 权威网站 已经覆盖了它。


But I don’t why many users are still facing some issues&failed to set up it properly.

But don’t worry because this guide will definitely help you to do a clean install from an ISO file using USB-Stick.

让’s see how it works…

How to Install Windows betfair From ISO File / USB Flash Drive

This tutorial is divided into two parts. First, we will create the Windows betfair USB从ISO文件 然后我们将转到安装部分。


Please make sure that you have all the below mentioned things with you.

A bootable Windows betfair ISO file, 4/8Gb USB闪存盘/ Pendrive和一个好的 使USB可启动的软件.

And if you don’t have an ISO file, then you can download it from the given link or you can also create your own DVD / CD中的iso文件 如果有的话。

Windows betfair ISO直接 Download link.

Now I hope you have all the essential things to 从ISO安装Windows betfair file or USB drive.

So let’s逐步了解本指南。

Note:- 如果要安装 笔记本电脑上的Windows betfair, notebook, or tablet. Please make sure that your device is 70-80% 或充满电。

1.创建Windows betfair可启动USB

The first step is to create a windows betfair bootable USB from an ISO image file. And for that, you need a boot tool like Rufus, win to USB, or Windows USB/DVD download tool. So, that you can easily convert your iso file to USB.

You can also use other boot tool but according to me, these are best and Rufus is also known as the Windows betfair可启动USB工具。 

Now once your bootable device is ready then move to 2nd step.


After creating a bootable device, the next step is to boot from this USB device and for that, you need to configure your BIOS Settings. And to configure these settings, you need to restart your CPU and as soon as it starts booting then keep pressing the Boot Menu or the BIOS keys.

Some of the common BIOS keys are Esc, F1, F2, F11& F12 &you can try any of them according to your 主板制造商。

一旦您进入 BIOS settings,然后转到 Boot Menu 并更改 Boot Order priority from hard drive / hard disk to the USB flash drive as 1st priority. Now save the BIOS settings and then Exit.

Tip:- 您也可以使用 Fbetfair Key to simply save &轻松退出BIOS设置。

3.开始Windows betfair安装

Once the Boot Order 已成功更改为 USB Drive。现在重新启动您的CPU和 Windows betfair安装程序 将自动启动。

但是在某些PC中,它也会要求获得许可,例如 按任意键从CD引导 / DVD… &那时您可以使用任何键。

Now it will start booting&loading the windows betfair files from the USB& the Windows betfair安装程序 will start.

开始Windows betfair安装

这是迈向 从ISO安装Windows betfair or USB.

4.安装Windows betfair操作系统

现在选择 安装语言, 时间和货币格式 and 键盘或输入法 根据您的喜好。然后点击 Next.

安装Windows betfair操作系统

Now click on Install now button to start the installation process&wait for a few minutes while Windows betfair setup moves to the next screen.

Install now

现在它将要求 用于激活Windows的产品密钥 &if you have it then type in there or you can also do it later. So, Click on the Skip button.


然后它将要求 选择您要安装的操作系统 您可以选择任何一个。我会选择“Windows betfair家庭版64位”现在,然后单击 Next.

Windows betfair家庭版64位

现在它将显示 Microsoft软件许可条款 and condition. 如果您想阅读它们,则可以或只需 scroll down 并启用/检查 我同意证书条款 选项& Click on Next.


5. Windows安装类型

Now choose the type of windows betfair installation process. If you want to keep your files, settings& program then choose Upgrade 选项。如果你想做一个 清洁Windows betfair安装然后选择 自定义(高级) 选项。因此,请点击 自定义(高级) option.


Note:- Clean install is basically a type of installation in which you cleans off or 清除所有旧的Windows操作文件 这是一个更好的选择。


现在,您需要选择 磁盘分区 where you want to install windows betfair from USB/ISO file&make it a primary boot partition. And here you will see all the partitions which were created for the previous 操作系统。 If you want to use them, then you can use or you can create your own 新分区 here.

I prefer not to create 新分区 as it will only consume your time. But if these partitions really matter to you, then you click on 驱动器选项(高级), then click on the New 按钮并在中输入分区大小 MB(兆字节)。


Once the partitions are ready, now select the partition and click on Format 然后点击 Next.


Now, wait for 8-betfair minutes 而Windows betfair安装程序是 复制Windows文件 and 准备安装文件。


Once all the 文件被复制 and 安装功能 & updates 完成。它会自动 重启/重启the Windows betfair安装程序&after that, you will see a message of 准备设备。


并做了!您已成功 已安装Windows betfair on your hard drive and now comes the configuration& preferences part.

8. Winbetfair首选项设置

Now after 复制所有文件 and 在安装更新 successfully you will be booted again to the new screen and it will ask for the preferences. So, Select the Region as the United States or you can also select according to you and click on Yes.

Windows betfair首选项设置

现在,下一步是选择 右键盘布局 as US or 英文(印度) 然后点击 Yes.


And if you want to add a second keyboard layout, then click on Add layout 或直接点击 Skip.


现在下一步是创建新的 用户帐号& passwords.

9.创建一个用户帐户& Password

在下一个屏幕上,它将询问 “Who’要使用这台PC?”. 因此,输入 用户帐号名称 然后点击 Next.


Now 创建一个超级难忘的密码 for the User Account 然后点击 Next.


然后确认你的 Windows betfair密码 and Click on Next.

确认Windows betfair密码

创建密码后,它将要求 为此帐户创建安全问题。 So choose them wisely which you can remember 然后点击 Next.


现在让’s move to the Windows betfair最终设置。

betfair.完成Windows betfair设置

现在在下一个屏幕上,它将要求 “在具有活动历史记录的设备上执行更多操作” which is a Windows betfair时间轴功能。时间表 feature keeps a track record of the apps and websites you visit on a daily basis which is a good option. So click on Yes.

Windows betfair时间轴功能

之后,它将要求您 “从您的数字助理那里获得帮助” 也称为 Cortana功能。这基本上是作为 Google助手 and Siri 对于Windows betfair用户。所以点击 Accept.


And at last “选择设备的隐私设置” for features like online speech recognition, location&Find my device. So, choose them wisely 然后点击 Accept.


And 唐e! After a few minutes, your settings will be saved and you will see your PC上运行的Windows betfair.

Windows betfair在您的PC上运行

那’s it for now…


So, that’s how you can easily install windows betfair from Pendrive using ISO a file in your new computer or laptop. So, what are you waiting for, Go ahead and use this awesome installation guide? You can also follow the same process for Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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